“Hi Chris, I am using what you 
taught me when i go to Japan
and negotiate for stock to 
supply my company
The podcasts (2) 
helped a lot too.  Thebusiness vocabularyandsample tests came in handy too.

Thank you.” -Tony

 “Chris, after coming back from England, I am now the HRM manager for ELITE school in Kaohsiung 菁英語言教育中心and have joined was\Toastmasters.  I am so happy to have you as my mentor.” 


Chris, thank you for appraising and working with our students on their interview skills. Your experience and feedback has helped them to prepare a lot more effectively for their up and coming interviews.

-Sanmin Senior High School Kaohsiung

“I am a medical doctor who 
needs to be able to speak 
English with confidence.  
Your classes are great.  
I always go home feeling 
energized after a lesson.”

-Dr. Jack

 Chris, Thank you so much. Annie is writing well, reading and understanding  the full length Harry Potter novels. She recently created a PP presentation on book 7 and a 5 minute speech, all in English. Your teaching is fantastic, It has given her a big advantage:)


Chris lectures at various high schools in Taiwan helping students develop interview skills. Plus extra Uni entrance questions.

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