Success – Agree / Disagree

Success – Agree / Disagree

Question – People who have learned many different skills are more likely to succeed than those who have learned just one skill. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? (full writing page)

How to think about the answer before you write –

1. Make a list of two to three reasons to agree and four reasons to disagree with the statement?

2. What are some synonyms for the words skills / people?

3. What is your definition of success?

4. What are some words that you use to acknowledge a different perspective? (Looking at the answer from different perspectives is an important part of writing well)

5. Define the word environment? How quickly is it changing?

6. Do you agree or disagree?

7. Think of two examples to emphasize your point of view

8. Why isn’t the opposite view to yours possible?

9.Open with a general statement that includes all the essential information given in the question


An attention sentence to blow the other test takers out of the water.

11.Create a good follow on sentence, followed by a statement highlighting your position.


Advice first ….. Most websites will provide you with a lot of model answers, without really telling you how to create the skills you need to write well….here is the biggest tip – While you are practicing, don’t write the whole essay – instead write a paragraph in two or three ways, or from different perspectives. This will enable you to think critically in the test and come up with an answer that is different to other test takers.

Weak introduction

In today’s multi layered world the demand for those with an increasingly broad perspective and skill set is on the rise, as companies face environments that are changing more so than ever before. (attention sentence) Some individuals choose to forge their own paths in life, while others are content to stay in the employ of others. (Clarify your meaning) Regardless, no matter your job role today, people must wear many hats out of necessity in order to grow a successful enterprise. It is for these reasons that I feel that the truly successful people must not only hold many different skills, but be prepared to grow that knowledge consistently. (your position)

The first attempt is weak, and you will see why when you read the paragraph below.

Strong Introduction (critical thinking)

Everyone wants a captain who has experienced stormy seas. The same is true that companies demand employees who have an assortment of experience that can lend themselves to a company’s vision. Some others though, hold this position as unrealistic, preferring to bolster just one skill that is highly sort after, much like specialist assembly line workers in a factory. Both are acceptable career paths, but as we will see one will offer more opportunities for success than another.

Advantages – gets attention, sets up a strong structure, doesn’t tell the reader too much, look at both points of view and address the question in a much better way.

To get extremely good at writing then, forget about writing the whole essay every time….break it down into pieces first and then work on your structure.

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