Task 2 band 9

Task 2 band 9

Agree Disagree – Money is the only motivator encouraging employment

Breathing is something that sustains our existence, just like workers are the life-blood of an economy.  Society demands that its residents make a contribution to the common good, with some driven by personal motivations while others are pushed to change the fabric of our world. No matter the reason, most relent to participate, inspired by a monetary reward system, which allows each of us to survive. Certainly, a small percentage of society would argue that the motivation should not be money reward, but this is the inspiration for most, which is unfortunate.

With a window into the lives of others, not only through televisions, but through our social existence online, it is common to compare one’s situation to that of others.  Superficial images lure us to strive to take a bigger and bigger slice of pie, but at what cost.  Many of us work ourselves into the ground, slaves to employment that robs us of our time and keeps us trapped, serving the needs of others.   

Family commitments too, inspire us to get out of bed each and every day, so that our loved ones can grow up free of stress and worry.  Making sure that we have the ability to support those who rely on us, or to repay those who have supported us in the past will keep people in positions that they very often despise and hate.

Granted, some visionaries are breaking free from traditional job roles and embracing the new technology to become digital nomads, freedom motivating people to travel around the world and record their experiences while getting paid by those who can only dream of such an existence.  They overcome risk aversion to successfully develop a career that entertains the masses.  A few will take this a step further, pursuing either power or fame.

Regardless of the gravitational motivation that inspires each of us to work in a shared society, it is clear that money is not the only carrot that mobilises an economy. Now more than ever, with access to online information traditional jobs and the push to seek it them out is changing at an alarming pace. it is difficult to imagine what is going to come.


Task Achievement – fully addresses all parts of the task, presents a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas

Coherence and Cohesion – paragraphing, structure and the words that merge ideas are skillfully developed

Lexical Resource – uses a wide range of words with very natural and sophisticated control of both high level and lower level word choice so as to hold the reader’s attention

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – The accuracy of the wording holds the reader’s attention from the initial hook through to its conclusion


paragraph 1 _ Create a hook to gain the reader’s attention, tell them the topic (link if necessary), take a position

paragraph 2 _ one idea that illustrates a single idea that you want to convey to the reader

Paragraph 3 one idea that illustrates a single idea that you want to convey to the reader

paragraph 4 _ look at the topic from the opposite perspective, but for the goal of strengthening your argument.

Paragraph 5 summarise your points

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