International Student pathways to study in Australia – ACT

International Student pathways to study in Australia – ACT

I didn’t get the IELTS results that I need to gain direct entry into an Australian university, so I am going to consider some alternatives. When this happens most domestic students either do a vocational course or complete a recognised award certificate course (certificate 1 – certificate IV) or an associate diploma at a TAFE college, before reapplying to university. The best part here is that, most universities will give you credit for the studies that you have undertaken and you will not have to do all of the foundation programs.

This option is also open for international students as well. So I am going to apply for the Australian college system, and upon successful completion I will apply for direct entry to university again. A system established to improve your skills before going to university. An alternative is to apply to one of approximately 5000 recognised institutions that offer short courses in Australia using a study visa.

But study options don’t stop here. There are a large number of Government approved courses that students can do as alternatives to full university degrees. Some are award course and some are non award. Search the institution to see what they can provide. There is a list below. If you choose to study by using one of the course providers below, make sure that the course you choose is recognised and is related to the course that you want to study at university.

If you want to study IELTS in Australia, then contact us and we can shortlist the colleges below that offer this service

Institution Name State
1Australia Christian College Pty Ltd (03461B)ACT
2Australian Academy of Management & Science Pty Ltd (02882M)ACT
3Australian Capital Group Pty Ltd (03537J)ACT
4Australian Capital Training Institute Pty Ltd (03756J)ACT
5Australian Catholic University Limited (00004G)NAT
6Australian College of Nursing Ltd (03761A)ACT
8Australian National University (00120C)ACT
9Austrasia College Pty Ltd (03659K)ACT
10Crown Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (02870D)ACT
11 Institution Name State
12Study Group Australia Pty Limited (01682E)NAT
13The Canberra Training School Pty Ltd (03465J)ACT
14The University of New South Wales (UNSW) (00098G)NAT
15Unity College Australia Incorporated (02160A)ACT
16Wakefield International Business School (03708F)ACT

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