International Student pathways to improve English proficiency – WA

International Student pathways to improve English proficiency – WA

I didn’t get the IELTS results that I need to gain direct entry into an Australian university, so I am going to consider some alternatives. When this happens most domestic students either do a vocational course or complete a recognised award certificate course (certificate 1 – certificate IV) or an associate diploma at a TAFE college, before reapplying to university. The best part here is that, most universities will give you credit for the studies that you have undertaken and you will not have to do all of the foundation programs.

This option is also open for international students as well. So I am going to apply for the Australian college system, once I get a better IELTS result, I will apply for direct entry to university again. A system established to improve your skills before going to university. An alternative is to apply to one of approximately 5000 recognised institutions that offer short courses in Australia using a study visa.

But study options don’t stop here. There are a large number of Government approved courses that students can do as alternatives to full university degrees. Some are award course and some are non award. Search the institution to see what they can provide. There is a list below. If you choose to study by using one of the course providers below, make sure that the course you choose is recognised and is related to the course that you want to study at university.

If you want to study IELTS in Australia, then contact us and we can shortlist the colleges below that offer this service

Institution Name State
1Academies Australasia Institute Pty Limited (02398A)WA
2Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd (00197D)NAT
3AIWT Pty Ltd (02645B)WA
4Australian Association for International Education Inc (02674G)WA
5Australian Association of Education and Research Pty Ltd (03402B)WA
7Australian College of Natural Medicine Pty Ltd (00231G)NAT
8Australian College of Theology Limited (02650E)NAT
9Australian Islamic College (Perth) Inc (00992K)WA
10Australian Learning Group Pty Ltd (03071E)NAT
11Australian NIT College Pty Ltd (03376K)WA
12Australian Professional Skills Institute Pty Ltd (03255G)WA
13Australian Tertiary Institute Pty Ltd (03691K)WA
14Colleges of Business and Technology (WA) Pty Ltd (02042G)NAT
15Department of Training and Workforce Development (00020G)WA
16Dynamic Education Group Pty Ltd (03425F)WA
17Education Training & Employment Australia Pty. Ltd. (02925E)NAT
18Engineering Institute of Technology Pty Ltd (03567C)WA
19Excellent Accounts Pty Ltd (03548F)WA
21Health Careers International Pty Ltd (03386G)WA
22International Institute of Business and Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd (IIBT) (03345F)WA
23International Institute of Business and Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd (IIBT) (03345F)WA
24Kaplan International (Perth) Pty Limited (01784K)WA
25Le Cordon Bleu Australia Pty Limited (02380M)NAT
26Learning Lab Pty Ltd (03576B)WA
27Manageering Pty Ltd (02471G)WA
28Milner International College of English (WA) Pty Ltd (00061J)WA
30Navitas English Services Pty Ltd (00289M)NAT
31New England School of English Pty Ltd (03431G)WA
32Niche Education Group Pty Ltd (02813B)WA
33Onyx Developments Pty Ltd (02747G)WA
34PAXMIL Education Holdings Pty Ltd (02368G)WA
35Perth College Of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (03051J)WA
36Perth Technical College Pty Ltd (03437B)WA
37Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Western Australia) Limited (01850E)WA
38Skilled Services Australia Pty Ltd (03328G)WA
40Sterling Business College Pty Ltd (01701G)WA
41Study Group Australia Pty Limited (01682E)NAT
42Sunset Coast International English School Pty Ltd (03274E)WA
43The Redeemed Christian Church of God Western Australia, The Light Pavilion Inc (03701B)WA
44The University of Notre Dame Australia (01032F)NAT
45The University of Western Australia (UWA) (00126G)WA
46Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia (00428E)WA
47West Australian Institute of Further Studies Pty Ltd (03188C)WA

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