International Student pathways to improve English proficiency – Vic

International Student pathways to improve English proficiency – Vic

I didn’t get the IELTS score that I need to gain direct entry into an Australian university, so I am going to consider some alternatives. When this happens most domestic students either do a vocational course or complete a recognised award certificate course (certificate 1 – certificate IV) or an associate diploma at a TAFE college, before reapplying to university. Also, most universities have a pathway program where you can improve your English score on campus like a regular student, so this is another option that is worth investigating. The best part here is that, most universities will give you credit for the studies that you have undertaken and you will not have to do all of the foundation programs.

This option is also open for international students as well. So I am going to apply for the Australian college system, and upon successful completion I will apply for direct entry to university again. A system established to improve your skills before going to university. An alternative is to apply to one of approximately 5000 recognised institutions that offer short courses in Australia using a study visa.

But study options don’t stop here. There are a large number of Government approved courses that students can do as alternatives to full university degrees. Some are award course and some are non award. Search the institution to see what they can provide. There is a list below. If you choose to study by using one of the course providers below, make sure that the course you choose is recognised and is related to the course that you want to study at university.

If you want to study IELTS in Australia, then contact us and we can shortlist the colleges below that offer this service

Institution Name State
1Ability Education Pty Ltd (01530K)NAT
2Academies Australasia Polytechnic Pty Limited (02439G)VIC
3Academy of Design Australia Limited (02201G)VIC
4Accredited Education & Training Australia Pty Ltd (03712K)VIC
5Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd (00197D)NAT
6AIWT Pty Ltd (02645B)VIC
8Angad Australian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd (02970M)VIC
9ANIT Australia Pty Ltd (03553J)VIC
11Ashton College Pty. Ltd. (03142F)VIC
12Australasian Lawrence Aged Care College Pty Ltd (02933E)VIC
13Australian Academy of Vocational Education and Trades Pty Ltd (02634E)VIC
14Australian Careers Education Pty. Ltd. (03219A)VIC
15Australian Catholic University Limited (00004G)NAT
16Australian Centre of Further Education PTY LTD (03377J)VIC
17Australian College of International Studies Pty Ltd (03781G)VIC
18Australian College of Natural Medicine Pty Ltd (00231G)NAT
20Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd (03392K)VIC
21Australian College of Theology Limited (02650E)NAT
22Australian College of Trade Pty Ltd (03082B)VIC
23Australian Education Academy Pty Ltd (02633F)VIC
24Australian Education Group Pty Ltd (01867G)VIC
26Australian Institute of Engineering Pty Ltd (03685G)VIC
27Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pty Limited (03769D)VIC
28Australian Institute of Technical Training Pty Ltd (02868J)VIC
29Australian International Academy of Education (Inc) (01335B)VIC
30Australian International Institute of Technology Pty Ltd ATF AIIT Unit Trust (03754M)VIC
31Australian Learning Group Pty Ltd (03071E)NAT
32Australian National Academy of Education Pty Ltd (03747K)VIC
33Australian National College of English Pty. Ltd. (03134F)VIC
34Australian National College Pty Ltd (03009M)VIC
35Australian National Institute of Business & Technology Pty Ltd (02506B)VIC
36Australian National Memorial Theatre Ltd (01551E)VIC
37Australian Online Institute Pty Ltd (02679C)VIC
38Australian Pilot Training Alliance Pty Ltd (02844F)VIC
39Australian Professional Education Institute Pty Ltd (03069K)VIC
40Australian Technical And Management College Pty Ltd (03013D)VIC
41Australian Tertiary Institute Pty Ltd (03691K)VIC
42BJSB Pty Ltd (02858M)VIC
43Business Aviation Australia Pty Ltd (03557E)VIC
44Central Australian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd (03217C)VIC
45Choice Business College Pty Ltd (03444C)VIC
46Christine Walsh Enterprises Pty Ltd (02020B)VIC
47Colleges Australia International Pty Ltd (03000J)VIC
48Creative’s New Edge Pty Ltd (03688E)VIC
49Discover English Pty Ltd (03262J)VIC
51Eastlink Consulting Pty Ltd (03776E)VIC
52ECHO Education Technology Pty Ltd (03541B)VIC
53Education Centre of Australia Pty Ltd (02644C)VIC
54Education Hub Pty Ltd (03472K)VIC
55Education Training & Employment Australia Pty. Ltd. (02925E)NAT
56Engineering Institute of Technology Pty Ltd (03567C)VIC
58Federation Technology Institute (02919C)VIC
59Federation University Australia (00103D)NAT
60Global Business College Of Australia Pty Ltd (03443D)VIC
61Golf Training Australia Pty Ltd (03550A)VIC
62Greenwich English College Pty Ltd (02672K)VIC
63Health Careers International Pty Ltd (03386G)VIC
64Holmes Commercial Colleges (Melbourne) Limited (00898G)VIC
65Holmes Commercial Colleges (Melbourne) Ltd (00067C)VIC
66House of Learning Pty Ltd (03760B)VIC
67ILSC (Brisbane) Pty Ltd (02137M)VIC
68Impact English College Pty Ltd (02995B)VIC
69Insight Academy of Australia Pty Ltd (03706G)VIC
70Institute of Training and Further Education Pty Ltd (02737J)VIC
71Intellect English Pty Ltd (03711M)VIC
72International Institute (Aust) Pty Ltd (03445B)VIC
73INUS Australia Pty Ltd (03341K)VIC
74ITHEA Corporation Pty Ltd (02892J)VIC
75Kalamatta Pty. Ltd (03698C)VIC
76Kaplan Business School Pty Ltd (02426B)NAT
77Kaplan International (Melbourne & Adelaide) Pty Limited (03008A)NAT
78KAPS Institute of Management Pty Ltd as trustee for the KAPS Institute of Management Unit Trust (02855C)VIC
79Kent Institute Australia Pty Ltd (00161E)VIC
80KFQ Partners Pty Ltd (02999J)VIC
81Kontea Pty Ltd (02838D)VIC
82Lawson College Australia Pty Ltd (03406J)VIC
83Le Cordon Bleu Australia Pty Limited (02380M)NAT
84Learning Victoria Pty Ltd (03785D)VIC
85Level Up English (03617J)VIC
86M.S Aviation Pty Ltd (03489A)VIC
87MEGT (Australia) Ltd (02517K)NAT
88Melbourne Centre for Technology Studies Pty Ltd (03737A)VIC
89Melbourne City College Pty Ltd (03592B)VIC
90Melbourne City Institute of Education Pty Ltd, as trustee for MCIE Unit Trust (03024A)VIC
91Melbourne City Institute Pty Ltd (03684J)VIC
92Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology Pty Ltd (01590J)VIC
93Milestone English Academy Pty Ltd (03496B)VIC
94Modern Communications Australia Pty Ltd (02819G)VIC
95Monash College Pty Ltd (01857J)VIC
96Moorabbin Aviation Services Pty Ltd (02530B)VIC
98National Training Centre of Australia Pty Ltd (03399C)VIC
99Navitas Bundoora Pty Ltd (03312D)VIC
100Navitas Professional Institute Pty Ltd (01328A)NAT
101New Horizons Learning Centres Holdings Pty Ltd (03641J)VIC
103Ozford Business College Pty Ltd (02573B)VIC
104Ozford English Language Centre Pty Ltd (02501G)VIC
105Pass Global Pty Ltd (02926D)VIC
106Platinum Properties Melbourne Pty Ltd (03433F)VIC
107Proteus Technologies Pty Ltd (03581E)VIC
108Rabarl Pty Ltd (02494A)NAT
109Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand (01031G)VIC
112RMIT Training Pty Ltd (01912G)VIC
113RTO Connect Pty Ltd (03483G)VIC
114SA Adelaide Language Centre Ltd (01307F)VIC
115Shiv Sans Pty Ltd (03223E)VIC
117South Australian College of English Pty Ltd (00094M)VIC
118Spice Telecom Australia Pty Ltd (02924F)VIC
119SRAGILL Pty Ltd (02826G)VIC
121Stanford College Australia Pty Ltd (03752B)VIC
122Study Group Australia Pty Limited (01682E)NAT
123The Australian Ballet School (00253A)VIC
124The Australian Institute of Music Limited (00665C)VIC
125The Malka Group Pty Ltd (03397E)VIC
126Think: Colleges Pty Ltd (00246M)NAT
127Torrens University Australia Limited (03389E)VIC
128Training Australia First (03499K)VIC
129Transformations – Pathways to Competence and Developing Excellence Pty Ltd (03521F)VIC
130TT Institute Pty Ltd (03746M)VIC
131United Business College (03514E)VIC
132United POP Australia Pty Ltd (03749G)VIC
133Unity College Australia Incorporated (02160A)VIC
134Universal English Pty Ltd (03750D)VIC
135Universal Institute of Technology Pty Ltd (02946M)VIC
136Veritas Education Pty Ltd (03762M)VIC
138Young Rabbit Pty Ltd (01331F)VIC

University foundation programs or pathway courses

Deakin University

Deakin has a lot of information for international students. You can apply directly or through an educational agent. Tou need to check the individual course that you want to study for the IELTS English level requirements.

The University of Divinity

Federation University

Federation university has detailed information on its locations, documents and how you can apply. You will need to select a course to see the IELTS English requirements. you can go through their website.

La Trobe University

After you receive your IELTS test results, LA Trobe has a page set up where you can search see how your test results compare with other tests. You can also search for the course that you want on this page.

Monash University*

As you would expect from one of the big 8 Australian universities, Monash has 3 pathway programs offering foundation, English & Diplomas for students who have finished grade 11 at high school.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

RMIT has a lot of pathways available to students. One of them is to study grade 11 and 12 in Australia and use this to gain entry into the Australia university system. It also has foundation programs and IELTS English courses. This university has a lot of opportunities.

Swinburne Institute of Technology

The University of Melbourne

One of the pathway options that many students use is to study a course at an Australian government approved institution prior to applying to the university of Melbourne. Two such institutions for the University of Melbourne are Hawthorn and Trinity College. For students it is easy to know each other because the teacher will put you into groups and students also have a lot of writing that they need to do as a team. This is the perfect way to both improve writing and to make friends, but it is a little stressful and there is a lot of h.w. every day.

Trinity college – Established in 1872 as the first college of the University of Melbourne, Trinity College is a vibrant, diverse community, inspiring and enabling students of exceptional promise from Australia and around the world. Our divisions include the Pathways School, Residential College and Theological School. Trinity College is committed to the safety of all students, including those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Victoria University

VU has a program called block teaching. This essentially where students get taught one subject at a time over a shortened term in the foundation year. It claims that this method increases the chances of passing the courses as students only have to focus on one thing at a time. This is a plus. To apply to this university you can register on their site or go through one of their overseas agents.

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