International student pathways into Australian study NSW

International student pathways into Australian study NSW

Study in a New South Wales college

I didn’t get the IELTS results that I need to gain direct entry into an Australian university, so I am going to consider some alternatives. When this happens most domestic students either do a vocational course or complete a recognised award certificate course (certificate 1 – certificate IV) or an associate diploma at a TAFE college, before reapplying to university. The best part here is that, most universities will give you credit for the studies that you have undertaken and you will not have to do all of the foundation programs.

This option is also open for international students as well. So I am going to apply for the Australian college system, and upon successful completion I will apply for direct entry to university again. A system established to improve your skills before going to university. An alternative is to apply to one of approximately 5000 recognised institutions that offer short courses in Australia using a study visa.

But study options don’t stop here. There are a large number of Government approved courses that students can do as alternatives to full university degrees. Some are award course and some are non award. Search the institution to see what they can provide. There is a list below. If you choose to study by using one of the course providers below, make sure that the course you choose is recognised and is related to the course that you want to study at university.

If you want to study IELTS in Australia, then contact us and we can shortlist the colleges below that offer this service.

Institution Name State
1ABC Study Group Pty Ltd (02834G)NSW
2Ability Education Pty Ltd (01530K)NAT
3Academies Australasia Institute Pty Limited (02398A)NSW
4Academies Australasia Polytechnic Pty Limited (02439G)NSW
5Academy of English Pty Ltd (02399M)NSW
6Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd (00197D)NAT
7ACMUSE Australia Pty Ltd (02522B)NSW
8ACPE Limited (01822J)NSW
9Advance English Pty Ltd (03228M)NSW
11ALIF Australia Pty Ltd (03173K)NAT
12Amity College Australia Limited (03404M)NSW
13ANIT Australia Pty Ltd (03553J)NSW
15Ashley English Language Institute Pty Ltd (03680B)NSW
16Astley College Australia Pty Ltd (03524C)NSW
17Austec Institute Pty Ltd (03697D)NSW
18Australasian International Academy Pty Ltd (03480K)NSW
19Australia Christian College Pty Ltd (03461B)NSW
20Australia Institute of Business & Technology – International Pty Ltd (03610E)NSW
21Australian Academy of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (03734D)NSW
22Australian Academy of Commerce Pty Ltd (02599C)NSW
23Australian Academy of Management & Science Pty Ltd (02882M)NSW
24Australian Academy of Music and Performing Arts (01108B)NSW
25Australian Academy of Nursing Pty Ltd (03400D)NSW
26Australian Airline Pilot Academy Pty Ltd (03181K)NSW
27Australian Careers Business College Pty Ltd (03629E)NSW
28Australian Careers College Pty Ltd (03029G)NSW
29Australian College of Business Pty Ltd (01738E)NSW
31Australian College of Commerce & Information Technology Pty Ltd (02978C)NSW
32Australian College of Natural Medicine Pty Ltd (00231G)NAT
33Australian College of Technology Pty Ltd (02408D)NSW
34Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd (03392K)NSW
35Australian College of Theology Limited (02650E)NAT
36Australian Colleges of Further Education Pty Ltd (03327G)NSW
37Australian Computer Society Incorporated (03405K)NSW
38Australian Education Advisor Pty Ltd (03573E)NSW
39Australian English Colleges Pty. Ltd. (03630A)NSW
40Australian Film, Television and Radio School (03662D)NSW
41Australian Global College Pty Ltd (03507D)NSW
42Australian Harvard International College Pty Ltd (03449J)NSW
44Australian Health and Science Institute Pty Ltd (03222F)NSW
45Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition Pty Ltd (03442E)NSW
46Australian Ideal College Pty Ltd (03053G)NSW
47Australian Institute of Business and Management Pty Ltd (03171A)NSW
49Australian Institute of Business Intelligence Pty Ltd (03426E)NSW
50Australian Institute of English Pty Ltd (03479C)NSW
51Australian Institute of Higher Education Pty Ltd (03147A)NSW
52Australian Institute of Innovation & Technology Pty Ltd (03440G)NSW
53Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pty Limited (03769D)NSW
54Australian International College Pty Ltd (03456K)NSW
55Australian International Education Centre Pty Ltd (03751C)NSW
56Australian International High School Pty Ltd (02401M)NSW
57Australian International Studies Institute Pty Ltd (03702A)NSW
58Australian International Training Academy (03694G)NSW
59Australian International Training College Pty Ltd (03538G)NSW
60Australian Islamic College of Sydney (03715G)NSW
61Australian Learning Group Pty Ltd (03071E)NAT
62Australian Management Skills Pty Ltd (03078J)NSW
63Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism Pty Ltd (03077K)NSW
64Australian Performing Arts Grammar School Limited (02647M)NSW
65Australian Professional Education Group Pty Ltd (03665A)NSW
66Australian Professional Education Institute Pty Ltd (03069K)NSW
67Australian Skills Centre Pty Ltd (03249F)NSW
69Australian Technical And Management College Pty Ltd (03013D)NSW
70Australian Techno Management College Pty Ltd (03672B)NSW
71Australian Technology and Innovation College Pty Ltd (03660F)NSW
72Australian Training School Pty Ltd (03602E)NSW
73Australian Vocational Training Institute Pty Ltd (03544K)NSW
74Austrasia College Pty Ltd (03659K)NSW
75Baptist Business College Ltd (01589B)NSW
76Basair Australia Pty Ltd (01552D)NSW
77Berkeley Business Institute Pty Ltd (03395G)NSW
78Bridge Business College Pty Ltd (01107C)NSW
79Brighton Pacific Pty Ltd (03430J)NSW
80Business Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (02607G)NSW
81Byron Bay English Language School Pty Ltd (02219J)NSW
82Byron ELA Pty Ltd (03019J)NSW
83Campion Institute Limited (02738G)NSW
84CAN UNITED Pty Ltd (03777D)NSW
85Canterbury Business College Pty Ltd (01899K)NSW
86Caprock International Pty Ltd (01942A)NSW
87Care Plus Training Pty Ltd (03575C)NSW
88Charles Institute of Technology Australia Pty Ltd (03287M)NSW
89Charter Australia Pty Ltd (03417F)NSW
90Choice Business College Pty Ltd (03444C)NSW
91Clarendon Business College Pty Ltd (01953J)NSW
92Colleges Australia International Pty Ltd (03000J)NSW
93Collins Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (03603D)NSW
94Crown Education Pty Ltd (03556F)NSW
95Crown Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (02870D)NSW
96Cyneast Pty Ltd (00048F)NSW
97Design Schools Australia Pty Ltd (03759F)NSW
98Downtown Australia Pty Ltd (03689D)NSW
99Education Centre of Australia Pty Ltd (02644C)NSW
100Education Centre of Australia Pty Ltd (02644C)NSW
101Education Training & Employment Australia Pty. Ltd. (02925E)NAT
102English Language Company Australia Pty Ltd (02551G)NSW
103Federation University Australia (00103D)NAT
104Focal Holdings Pty Ltd (01497F)NSW
105Global Education Ministry Incorporated (02966G)NSW
106Global Educational Initiative Pty Ltd (03583C)NSW
107Golf Education Australia Pty Ltd (03052G)NSW
108Greenwich English College Pty Ltd (02672K)NSW
109Group Colleges Australia Pty Ltd (02571D)NSW
110Group Colleges Australia Pty Ltd (02571D)NSW
111Hamro Institute of Business Technology Pty Ltd (03360G)NSW
112Harbourside Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (03670D)NSW
113Health Careers International Pty Ltd (03386G)NSW
114HGT Australia Limited (03488B)NSW
115Higher Learning Australia Pty Ltd A/T for The Trustee for Higher Learning Unit Trust (03678G)NSW
116IBMA Education Pty Ltd (03571G)NSW
117ILSC (Brisbane) Pty Ltd (02137M)NSW
118Infotech Professionals Pty Ltd (01917B)NSW
120International College of Australia Pty Ltd (03690M)NSW
121International College of Management, Sydney Pty Limited (01484M)NSW
122Jasmine Education Group Pty Ltd (03240D)NSW
123Kaplan Business School Pty Ltd (02426B)NAT
124Kaplan International English (Australia) Pty Limited (01165D)NSW
125Kent Institute Australia Pty Ltd (00161E)NSW
127Langports Pty Ltd (02630J)NSW
128Lan-Grove Office Training Centre Pty Ltd (00181A)NSW
129Le Cordon Bleu Australia Pty Limited (02380M)NAT
130Learning Lab Pty Ltd (03576B)NSW
131Lexis Sydney Education Pty Ltd (02362B)NSW
132Logic Entity Australia Pty Ltd (02658G)NSW
133Macquarie Education Group Australia Pty Ltd (02657J)NSW
134Macquarie Education Group Australia Pty Ltd (02657J)NSW
135MEGT (Australia) Ltd (02517K)NAT
136MG Australia Group Pty Ltd (03639C)NSW
137Nan Tien Institute Limited (03233C)NSW
139Navitas Bundoora Pty Ltd (03312D)NSW
140Navitas English Services Pty Ltd (00289M)NAT
141Navitas Professional Institute Pty Ltd (01328A)NAT
143New Horizons Learning Centres Holdings Pty Ltd (03641J)NSW
144NSW Business College Pty Ltd (03409F)NSW
145Onyx Developments Pty Ltd (02747G)NSW
146Orana Fashion Business College Pty Ltd (03788A)NSW
147Pacific English College Pty Ltd (03628F)NSW
148Pollard English Language Centre Pty Ltd (03584B)NSW
149Polytechnic Institute Australia Pty Ltd (03535M)NSW
150Positive Living Minds Training & Consultancy Pty Ltd (03696E)NSW
151Proteus Technologies Pty Ltd (03581E)NSW
152QIBA Pty Ltd (01515J)NSW
153Queen Anne English College – Australia Pty Ltd (03692J)NSW
156Scots English College Pty Ltd (03497A)NSW
157Sea English Academy International Pty Ltd (03677G)NSW
158SELC Australia Pty Ltd (00051M)NSW
159Sicop Education & Technology Pty Ltd (03383M)NSW
160Smart Academy Pty Ltd (03414J)NSW
161Southern English College Pty Ltd (03613B)NSW
162Student Development and Learning (SDL) Academy Pty Ltd (03523D)NSW
163Study Group Australia Pty Limited (01682E)NAT
164Summit College of Australia Pty Ltd (03757G)NSW
165Supreme Business College Pty Ltd (02028E)NSW
166Sydney Church of England Grammar School Council (00772M)NSW
167Sydney College of English Pty Ltd (00050A)NSW
168Sydney English Academy Pty Ltd (02353C)NSW
169Sydney English House Pty Ltd (03679F)NSW
170Sydney Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (01576G)NSW
171Sydney International Academy Pty Ltd (02871C)NSW
172Sydney International Institute Pty Ltd (03504G)NSW
173Sydney School of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (02140E)NSW
174The Australian Institute of Music Limited (00665C)NSW
175The Council of The Illawarra Grammar School (02300E)NSW
176The Tasmanian College of English Pty Ltd (01758A)NSW
177The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) (00399E)NSW
178The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) (00544A)NSW
179The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) (02306K)NSW
180The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) (02328D)NSW
181The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) (03288K)NSW
182The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Synod of Victoria and Tasmania) (02274B)NSW
183The University of New South Wales (UNSW) (00098G)NAT
184The University of Notre Dame Australia (01032F)NAT
185Think: Colleges Pty Ltd (00246M)NAT
186Torrens University Australia Limited (03389E)NSW
188Trustees of the Order of St Augustine in Australasia (03300G)NSW
189UK English College Pty Ltd (03681A)NSW
190United Colleges of Australia Pty Ltd as the trustee for UCA Unit Trust (03779B)NSW
191Universal Education Centre Pty Ltd (00053J)NSW
192University of New England (00003G)NAT
193University of Sydney (01019C)NSW
194UOWC Ltd (02723D)NSW
195Wakefield International Business School (03708F)NSW
196Warwick Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (02800G)NSW
197Waterfall Investments Pty Ltd (00159K)NSW
200Young Rabbit Pty Ltd (01331F)NSW


Langports – One of my students studied a short English course here and he said that you can easy make friends and the lessons called UFO are great, because you can focus on your weak parts of your English or of your IELTS, for example reading is your weak part,you go to level 2, in the other hand, if you good at writing you can go to level 4.

Students do – Monday (writing); Tuesday (reading); Wednesday (listening); Thursday (speaking); Friday (test help) Sept 2019. The teacher is Danielle.

Harbourside institute of Australia offers qualifications recognised by both the Australian government and universities in Australia. It offers pathway programs for those students who want to study business in Australia. It has diplomas in business, advanced diploma in business and Certificate IV in business.

University foundation programs

Australian Catholic University

Charles Sturt University

The university pathway program – provides some information, but then for many of the questions it is best to ask an educational agent.

Southern Cross University Macquarie University

3 locations — Coffs Harbour; Cold Coast and Lismore

The University of Newcastle

The university has an English language college where you can do an English course and upon completion you need to then apply to the university if you wan to attend this institution.

The University of New England

The University of New South Wales*

This university is known as one of the big 8 universities in Australia, so it has a reputation that is of a very high level. UNSW Global offers Diploma programs, Foundation programs and English courses that provide a direct pathway to all degree programs at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) as well as other universities.

Before starting a foundation program you have the option to do an English course which will include –

  • Presentation, discussion and group work
  • Listening to and comprehending real lectures
  • Note taking
  • Reading academic texts and research
  • Academic writing
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Independent learning

From here you can apply to enter a foundation program at the university. You select the program depending on the major that you want to study.

All programs are on campus so you start your university experience from day 1 along with 60,000 UNSW students.

The University of Technology Sydney*

At UTS you you can enroll after you have completed year 11 which means no need to complete year 12 in your home country; do a foundation course or do a Diploma. This university provides a lot of options to students.

The University of Western Sydney

This is regional university. You can find application information for international students on their website.

The University of Sydney

The university of Sydney partner college as a pathway for attending the university is TaylorsCollege. A lot of the programs are planned around your university degrees, which will make your life easier when you get into university.

University of Wollongong

This university sets out a page that details prior study requirements. It is pretty easy to search.

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